Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Tired Trip plus 2 Drama

Was away for business trip.. It was freezing cold and was tired with the daily meeting which did not get anywhere..

Apart from the drama in my work, there was another one way more exciting and interesting (in the wrong way) happened in my homeland.

Lifebook became FAMOUS overnight. Lifebook is listed as No. 1 on the gossip chart in the blog's world.

I received few SMS alerts from some close friends. I was fully aware of the hot gossips since a while back, but I never knew the actual contents.

Am still not sure on the gossip's origin content. Blog is like an updating website. We are all adults so act like an adult. Get a life friend! But the question is a nude or not nude.. Am not even sure now.. LOL.. You guys go find out yourself.

The important point is I never met this person before. If not mistaken, I did send messages but no reply. Not until someone pointed out to me.. who the person is.

Hmm.. No need to explain more here.

Anyway, I personally do not respect but look down on those bloggers who spy on others, bad mouth & backstabbing, yet not brave enough to show his face besides not admitting his own wrongdoing! Then, proceed to play & mince with words to cover his own mistake.

The fire is totally out of control anyway.. Fire can be a friend sometimes, and it could burn too.. They will find thier own inner peace. :).

Just remember the cause and effects.

Enough of this drama. I still have more important & happier things to deal with.


nase said...

yep life's too short to be caught up in rollercoaster emotions or gossips anyway. walk away and you're respected as a bigger person. hugz, take care & all the best in your work, yar!

manglish said...

wat happened?


yeah~ seems like the fire still continue... though i'm not sure wats really behind all these...

MiChi said...

Korea still snow everywhere? I thought it would have melted.

My skin was dried up when I was there one week ago. How about yours?

Did you hear any gun shot? I hear from news that North fire South...just like here, fire over everywhere... hahah!

Janvier said...

Petty drama! And we're not sure why involve a lot of other people which aren't related to the matter!

William said...

Who will emerge from the embers? Or would they all be burnt to a crisp?