Friday, January 22, 2010

Hello! Stop Showing Off!

The art of conversation are getting impressive lately..

"Do you know how to upgrade the netbook's memory?"
the missing line between is
"Hi, I just won a lucky draw - a netbook, mind you?"

"Do you know the gold class movie ticket is 50+?"
again..this translate into
"I watch gold class level only"

Those conversation really reminded me of the Perduo TV AD - the show off version... :)

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Cheryl said...

"Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone"

so kor, this consider showing off or not ar since ur mei also tak de iPhone :P

William said...


TZ said...

hmmm... i would like to ditto Cheryl... i think u also showing off your iphone eh~

Chris said...

haha.. i feel the same way too.. let ppl know u using i-phone. :p

YY Chin said...

cool down man...long time no see

Anonymous said...

yes, yes, i agree. very the show off blogging with iphone !


Emo-Happiness said...

jik lak !! (hokien)
Stop sidai your life! :P